Do what is right!

Being c0rrected d0esn’t mean you are a failure.Correcti0n can help you bec0me a better pers0n.

Let me share this!

A pers0n who dismisses correcti0n is like a pil0t who ign0res directi0n fr0m the c0ntr0l t0wer,the result.?
It can be disastr0us!

Warren Buffet

So true! We even forget the things that beyond our limits, instead we didn’t realize how important is spending. I will just give some key point or in other words let start earning. Well, basically all of us are not born rich and of course i myself included. I came from a poor family our daily living always ends meet ends it’s hard to think huh?? But our family survived but this is ridiculous i said to myself is this the same life that i will pass on to my next generations?? Will the history repeat itself? NO! IT’s a big NO!!! Not again! One thing i’ve learned is that discipline yourself you must have the motivation and a strong mindset.

Why we always bankrupt in our pocket?? Know why? Because we sometimes don’t know what we want or what we need and what we desire .We want things because it is now in or trending but we don’t need it, we keep on buying things and then later on “oh yeah i can sell it!” ” nevermind its ok”.. and that is your desire. This is a very bad habbit on handling income or money. Yes of course everybody needs money everyone wants money but not all of us are smart because there are still that lack of knowledge on spending unless those who are gifted in mind without studying or a degree they can be a well off in life.

We can be a better in life if we want to…because we need to..and we desire to…Stop complaining and start planning. Don’t be lazy but take it easy in every steps we make. Be wise and smart and not a crap.

MOTHER’s DAY ( 5-10-2020 )

Mother’s Day is a celebration honoring the mother of the family, as well as motherhood, maternal bonds, and the influence of mothers in society. It is celebrated on various days in many parts of the world, most commonly in the months of May.

A very challenging and tough job for a mother but each mothers has a unique abillities and skills because certainly with different children. Do you know that our mother is a super hero? Because in all many ways no matter how hard all the things she has been through she never complain, never give up, and never stop! Her tender and kind heart that the only mother has…she can endure the pain nobody does…her heart is full of love unconditionally! Her embraces can last forever till the last breath! She gave life and take care with her hands so gently and perfect in her own ways.

Mom at 70 y/o this year taken christmas 2012

I may not a perfect daughter i’m not the sweetest one, i’m not the showy type but in my own ways she knew how much i love her the only queen for me the half of my heart where i got from her and the other half from my father.

And to this very special day i am so inspired to all Mothers and so do i.. what a wonderful life they gave to us and truly they are the strongest of all i know, not literally of course. We thank them for their greatness and amazing! To all mothers we give thanks to you for all your sacrifices and unconditional love!


The future is full of hope,find yourself to enj0y the great of life spread the joy to others and be like a candle and light up other candle so that the w0rld is a brighter place f0r every0ne.

The world now is facing to the horrible situation, this pandemic CORONA VIRUS or the so called the, COVID19. We are affected and most of them are the victims and inffected who are suffering by now.

At first, it was thought that it’s just an epidemic virus or the same disease like few years back ago no one knew that this corona virus will killed a hundred of thousands of lives. And people are start to panic,worried and asking, why? what’ was happening now? This is a world’s biggest and serious problem because everyday the total of this corona virus has been affected keep increasing in all over the country. We’ve been lockdown and quarantined for stoping to spread.

The stay at home quarantine and social distancing is to make sure that people are safe and can’t get inffected unlikely those who are outside.Better be safe than get virus. No one can say when this will end because untill now the the line of medicines are still finding the cure for corona virus, but we can avoid to be inffected by doing the right things we should do. Let us help each and everyone be a candle that light to everyone!


World would mean nothing without woman they are the greatest inspiration, fearless and powerfull in the sense of life adventures, family and in the community.

Woman is the most beautiful soul that God created in this earth. They are the first one to endure all the pains no matter how painfull it is, gives all their sacrifices and a very loving living on this earth.

As one, i’m very blessed and thankful that i step on this stage of my life and much more that i experienced all the ups and down in life because i’m not be the one if i didn’t fight all the struggles and sacrifices. Sharing this is my greatest fullfillment. To God be all the glory.

There’s so much good luck store this year let us embrace and take advantage the opportunities coming in our way! Im forever grateful and so much to be thankful! Sometimes the shiny things didn’t spark immediately you need to wait, be patience and work hard for it to shine❤🙇‍♂️… Be prosper!!

Street and Wall Arts in the city of KUALA LUMPUR. The unique of artistics is something that people talents. Even in the smallest thing the greatness is seen. In this part of Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia a certain place in BUKIT BINTANG along the streets, these streets where can see the wall arts are something that was amazing! More over,not only in the museum we can see the paint arts but some goods arts were paint in the street walls and that is the good thing!